The Musicians  




  Ulrike von Weiss
Vocals, Synthesizer, Bells 

She is the living proof that being a
classically trained organ player
and precentor can add something
very special to a folk group.






Claus von Weiss
Vocals, Guitar, Irish Bouzouki, 5-String Banjo,
English Concertina, Whistle, Low Whistle,
Pipe & Tabor,  Harmonica

Known as a folksinger in clubs and at festivals
since the early seventies, he founded
MORRIS OPEN in 1981.



Matthias Hoehn
                          Vocals, Bagpipes, Anglo Concertina,
             Recorder, Flute, Mandolin, Rackett 

Coming from the camps of Early Music,
he has been with MORRIS OPEN
from the very beginning,
now as a day job hes teaching music.



Concert photos: Sabine Thieme